Process of unknown becoming known

What is this strange attraction to unknown languages? I can't figure out why I love to hear conversations in languages that I can't understand.

It all starts with the musicality of a language. As I hear the natives talk, I feel the ease, passion and love that comes out.

The inflections, intonations and expressions entice me into the new world, making me read pages and pages on Wikipedia - history of the language, it's phonetics, morphology, semantics and so on. I don't want to dwell much into this aspect of the language, I move on to cultural, social and historical progress of the people themselves.

This comes from the fact that I have majored in one the ancient languages of the world - Sanskrit. Innumerable books have been written on the rich heritage and socio impact that this sanskrit has had over Southeast Asia. From young age I have been taught that sanskrit is superior to all languages. Deep down I still want to believe that. But that does not mean that other languages cannot stand in comparison. Today I fall in love with a new language very easily. Yet, as of now, it is restricted to Asian languages.


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